Stop paying for other brokerage's overhead!

     The reason that other real estate brokerages charge what they do (whether it be 6%, 7%, 8%...) is simply because they have to.  They have so much overhead to pay, like; rent on their building, taxes, franchise fees, administrative costs, heat, electric, gas, cleaning personnel, etc. and that translates into higher fees charged to you, the home seller. Most of the time, the service provided isn't worth nearly as much as they would like you to believe.{C}

     At we have eliminated as much of our expenses as we could, and that translates into LOWER fees charged.  At, we provide quality, professional services to you that match or exceed what other Realtors can offer, and we do so at a discounted price.

   Bridging the Gap


      Before starting, I studied both the discount broker's business model as well as the traditional broker's business model, and listed the flaws with each.  I then carefully came up with ways to overcome each flaw I found.  The result is a revolutionary real estate company that offers all of the 'traditional' full services at a discounted price, and one that offers home sellers choices as to how much service they actually need, as well as how much they want to pay. 

      A key feature of is the fact that we take the discount - not other Realtors! 

 No matter what level of service you choose, I always offer a 2.4% "co-broke" to all cooperating Realtors. That's right - for example, on a 3% listing, 2.4% of the commissions paid goes to the selling broker; I only make 0.6%.

Whether you are a first-time seller, or have been doing it for years, has listing packages to suit your individual needs.

 If you are seriously interested in selling your home, and would like to meet to learn more about what has to offer, please contact me as I would love to help you. I can be reached 7 days a week from 8am-9pm at  715.675.0579.


Your Home... Your Money... Your Choice

Meredith Benson, Broker/ Owner



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